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What others have said…

 CHILD with Headaches – NO Success with Medical Treatment

“I had very bad headaches, experiencing numbness in my hands and feet. I went to a pediatrician and got contacts because they thought my eyes were related to my headaches. I had MRI’s and CT scans completed only to find no issues. I [with my parents] met Dr. Britton at the homeshow. He took an x-ray of my back and saw my neck and upper back had some problems. He spent a lot of time up front accessing the issue.”                                          Kelcie M – Dakota Dunes, SD
— Parents Note: “Dr. Britton is in a class by himself. I came in as a parent of his patient with great skepticism and very little regard for the profession of chiropractic; however, after witnessing first hand the results of his efforts has really aided in my belief of the profession. All chiropractors need to step up and take Dr. Britton’s lead.”
Cindy M. – Dakota Dunes, SD

Back Pain – Screening Tools Used are Good

I had been considering chiropractic treatments for some time. Dr. Britton performed a test [MyoVision Scan] which showed the muscles in my back were not working like they should. After years of back pain and taking medications during the times during the times the pain became debilitating, I decided to try a chiropractor. After about the first 5 or 6 treatments and doing stretching exercises, which the doctor prescribed, I have not had any pain like the past. Still trying to figure out how it works, but I am very satisfied with the results.
Chad M. – Sioux City, IA

Chronic Low Back Pain & Finger Numbness

About 5yrs ago I had developed severe low back pain to the point of having to literally having to crawl out of bed. I have been looking for a chiropractor so after a visit to the Siouxland Home Show and Dr. Britton’s booth I made an appointment. Dr. Britton did a thorough exam and after months of rehab and adjustments put me back to normal and with monthly visits have kept me pain free. I have had 2 fingers going numb and a bout with tendonitis in my forearm. Acupuncture treatment on my forearm did the trick. I did not expect a quick fix when I came to Dr. Britton, after all it took years to get to this point and would take time to get back to a healthy point.
Mark M. – Chatsworth, IA

Chronic Headaches – GONE

[Original reason for treatment:] Headaches – a few major migraines. I would have a headache almost every day – at least 5 days out of the week. [I had the problems] for years, I have had headaches since I was a teenager. I would get chiropractic treatments, they would ease my headache but not totally get rid of it. My headache was always still there. [Since starting with Dr. Britton] My headaches are GONE! If I do get one, they are mild and I come to Dr. Britton for an adjustment and my headache goes away. My husband John W. came in to Dr. Britton and had wonderful results, and he told me to come in also. I think he [Dr. Britton] is very thorough in his examination and x-rays. He takes time with you and doesn’t just rush you through. His adjustments, therapy and exercise all combined has offered me freedom from headaches. I liked the thorough adjustment – not quick or rushed. I really liked the acupuncture, I believe that helped relieve my headaches tremendously. I appreciate everything Dr. Britton has done to help my family, my husband John, myself, and our 3 children Dennis, Taeji, and Alex. We have all had wonderful results from Dr. Britton. Thank you!
Mary W. – Akron, IA


I wanted good old fashioned hands on type of treatment but with all the new technology. He knew he could help and made me feel that I can be better. Making me feel much better – Explanation of everything, always wants to kno if you have questions. Everyone should visit a chiropractor. He’s Good.
Wilma H. – Westfield, IA


5-6years… Pain in lower back and between shoulders and neck… restricted movement. [I used] physical therapy – but received little relief, tried another doctor and they advised surgery. [Dr. Britton] was sincere in his treatment and gave explanations as to why he requested exercises, health advice etc. I felt relief almost immediately… I have a normal range of movement and considerably less pain, if any, the majority of the time.
Cindy E. – South Sioux City, NE

Surgery – NOT ANY MORE!

“[I had] epidurals – sometimes five weeks of relief and once eleven months of relief; due to the failures of the epidurals, I was on my way to back surgery.”
The problem was there “about 10 years. Low back pain that ran down the back of my leg and bottom of my foot.”
What was liked best: “Relief from pain and being taught how to take care of my back. He was able to align my spine allowing blood to flow properly [and nerve impulses] plus the massage relaxed my muscles and the rehab made my muscles strong!”
“If it sounds too good to be true – then it probably is – NOT in this case – I am so happy and pleased. I also have my life back again. I am full of energy and am back to enjoying every day.”
Beverly L. – Jefferson, SD

5 Years of pain – GONE

“Neck, lower back and hip pain; plus migraine headaches at least 2-3 times a week [for] at least 5 years”
“I don’t have excruciating pain anymore! I can smell again! Who knew that would come back due to chiropractic treatments?”
“It [Dr. Britton’s treatments] focused on the skeletal system alignment and using massage, strengthening exercises to keep my body in alignment after treatments.”
“The focus on prevention of further damage by continuing treatment of strengthening exercises that I understand how to do and follow-up chiropractic care.”
“I haven’t ever had chiropractic treatment before for my health, and now I wouldn’t do without it!”
Sandra C. – Austin, TX

Upper Back & Neck SHARP Pain

Tried “other chiropractic care and massages – ‘rough adjustments’ that only fixed the problem for a few days”. Dr. Britton gave “gentle adjustments, education on how to care for back & neck at home, rehab and therapy with muscle strengthening and flexibility… Chiropractic care was scary for me before Dr. Britton … I am comfortable and now I love the chiropractor!”
Angela S. – Rock Valley, IA

MORE than Back Pain

There were problems with back and hip pain for 6-8 months prior to seeing Dr. Britton.
“Fairly quick relief and I can understand why they [Dr. Britton’s treatments] work. He educates you as to what you can do also.”
“What surprised me the most was, I’ve had allergies which disrupt my digestion, and chiropractic  alleviated this problem as well. In addition, I had very painful menstrual cycles and was embarrassed about it and didn’t want to see an ob/gyn – I never mentioned this to Dr. Britton either, but after my first series of adjustments my pain is easily controlled by a few aspirin each month [in comparison to large doses of medicine and a great deal of rest]. I am convinced the care I receive continues to keep me in good health even through cold and flu season (I have an incomplete immune system).
Liz A. – Sioux City, IA

Couldn’t Walk – Leg Pain & Weakness

“I visited other doctors but didn’t always see results. I can walk, sit, and sleep now.”
“Because of his [Dr. Britton’s] determination to help you feel better,” is why Dr. Britton was able to help when other treatments failed.
“… therapy seems to make a lot of difference in the way I feel”
Travis R. – Remsen, IA

SEVERE Back Pain with Radiating Leg Pain

“I almost had to crawl into the doctor [Dr. Britton] – now there is no pain and I feel better than before the injury.”
Dr. Britton was able to help because of: “continued adjustments and workout to fix the injury and maintain back strength… pain relief from my very first visit.”
“Thanks to Dr. Britton and the staff for helping me to retrain my muscles and mind for a healthy life.”
Shawn E. – Sioux City, IA

Migraine Headaches

“[For over fifteen years – I spent a lot of time sleeping in order to get rid of the headaches. [I took] Tylenol with a high caffeine drink, Excedrin Tension Headache medicines.” Not anymore.
“I had tried several other chiropractors, also massage therapy. I received relief, but it was very short term. The headaches kept coming back.”
[Since starting chiropractic with Dr. Britton] I have had a significant reduction in the severity and the frequency of my headaches. I feel like I have my life back again.”
As to the reason why Dr. Britton was able to help when other treatments failed: “None of the others set up a treatment plan to fix the root cause of my problems, they just addressed getting rid of my headache [at that specific time, then] come back when you get another one.”
What was liked best about Dr. Britton’s treatments: “His aggressive approach to get a hold of the root cause and to fix that, not just put a Band-Aid on the problem. I wasn’t to sure about the acupuncture at first, but I believe it definitely does the job now.”
Liz A. – Le Mars, IA

Acute Low Back Pain

2-3 weeks of pain.
“He knows what he is doing. Very thorough. Find the problem and goes to work. Very professional approach to treatments [and] talks to you using words you understand, not medical.”
“Best chiropractic care I have ever received, and fantastic staff in [the] office.”
Jerry F. – Chatsworth, IA

Chronic Low Back Pain

Low back shooting pain for 2 years, and had no help from PT or MD.
“Because he found the root of the problem – a nerve impingement – and is working on rearranging my vertebrae and teaching exercises to strengthen my muscles to maintain good alignment” – is why Dr. Britton helped when other treatments failed.
Cheryl S. – Orange City, IA

Leg Numbness & Back Pain

I had “low back pain for 4 years; 3 days on leg numbness. [I] tried other chiropractors and got minor temporary relief. [Now] I am able to do a lot more of my daily activities with little to no pain.”
I think Dr. Britton has the proper equipment and training to effectively diagnose the problems I had.”
Joel I. – Akron, IA

Frozen Shoulder

Three months worth of frozen shoulder syndrome was the problem.
After chiropractic treatment more mobility was obtained.
When asked why Dr. Britton’s treatment worked when other treatments failed: “just good chiropractic”
“Dr. Britton is very professional in his treatment and manners.”
Barb J.  – Akron, IA

Knee Pain – No More Need for Surgery

The primary complaint: “Right knee pain with impending surgery” the orthopedist said it needed surgery. The patient wanted to see if a conservative approach could prove successful.
What progress was made with Dr. Britton’s treatments: “reduction/elimination of pain, increased mobility, NO need for surgery!”
“Because he looked at the problem differently; [he] therefore [gave a] different treatment. He worked on the muscles and nerves which had apparently been over looked.”
“The results – 100% Satisfaction. Dr. Britton always took the time to listen, explain things, and offer encouragement. I feel like a new person!”
Donna C. – Sioux City, IA

Distance Means NOTHING!

Maurine presented to our office with vertigo (dizziness), neck, shoulder, mid and lower back pain. She had tried physical therapy for the vertigo which was the main complaint and after 7 weeks decided to seek further attention with Dr. Britton after being referred by her brother.
“[Dr. Birrton] seemed to handle the chiropractic care differently on my neck/back. Other chiropractor’s treatments didn’t seem to last. The treatment helped the very 1st treatment… Dr. Britton has really helped me. Been very pleased with the care I’ve received. My back, neck feels 100% better”.
Maurine B. – Spencer, IA

“Persistence on [Dr. Britton’s] part and enough treatments to get ahead of the problem. Painless but effective.”
Tim B. – Akron, IA

“I had pain in my knees… They were stiff and would hurt to take the first few steps. Was really bad after riding in the car for 2 or more hours… [after visiting Dr. Britton] The pain is gone and I am not stiff after sitting. Dr. Britton showed me stretches and exercises to help my knees and to strengthen my legs. Dr. Britton was very helpful with additional information and advise to help me with my problem. Dr. Britton’s treatment has been a big help for me and I will continue the exercises and strengthening.”
Marlys B. – Merrill, IA

“He [Dr. Britton] took the time to figure out the problem and along with adjustments, he taught me stretching and strengthening exercises so I could help myself. IT WORKED!! He is also a natural when it comes to adjustments – they never hurt and he gets things in place!! I am a massage therapist and recommend Dr. Britton to my clients all the time”.
Barb B. – Vermillion, SD